About Avi Chaudhuri

Avi Chaudhuri

Avi Chaudhuri

Currently serving as Senior Director for the global supply chain security company Kezzler AS, Avi Chaudhuri has been a prolific scientist in the field of neuroscience and neurophysiology for more than 25 years. He previously served at McGill University in Montreal as a James McGill Professor in the Department of Psychology and as Director of the Behavioural Neuroscience Training Program.

During a sabbatical from McGill, Avi Chaudhuri served as a program director at the National Science Foundation’s Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience in Arlington, Virginia. In addition to his numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, Avi Chaudhuri is the author of an undergraduate textbook titled Fundamentals of Sensory Perception published by Oxford University Press.

Outside of the academic arena, Avi Chaudhuri serves as a trustee for The Purnima Foundation, which undertakes various humanitarian activities in India. The primary objectives of the foundation are to assist women in distress, fight human trafficking in children, and promote health care and educational opportunities in underprivileged rural communities.


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